Straight Talk Express?

Think Progress puts a nail in the tire of McCain's Straight Talk Express.

Sen. John McCain appeared on Fox this morning and falsely claimed that [Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-] Maliki has “condemned Hezbollah.” McCain said that, as a result, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and others who have criticized Malaki for his position on Hezbollah are “not qualified to lead.” Video
Reality, with it's left-leaning focus on facts, shows that it was actually Israel that Maliki has condemned. While standing next to George W. Bush at a Tuesday press conference, the Prime Minister decried Israel's "damage and destruction" but made no mention of Hezbollah.

I'm sure that McCain will issue a correction and apology. FoxNews will devote an entire segment to exposing McCain's lie. Fair & Balanced, you know.

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