Something is Rotten in the State of Connecticut

The Stamford Advocate breathlessly reports that,

"Ned Lamont's primary campaign against U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman has rallied plenty of angry Connecticut Democrats eager to unseat the 18-year incumbent for his unwavering support of the Iraq War.

But a list of campaign donors shows there are hundreds of nonresidents seeking Lieberman's ouster, from celebrities such as Barbra Streisand to an ex-"Baywatch"-lifeguard-turned-activist to a California strawberry farmer and craft-store owner in Illinois.


70% of donors to Lamont's campaign are from out of state."
Gasp! It must be a 'Left Wing Conspiracy' to unseat a moderate Democrat and move us one step closer to socialism.


Open Secrets reports that 79.6% of Joe Lieberman's money comes from out of state.

In fact, let's take a look where most of Joe's money comes from, by zip code:

10021 (New York, NY)..................$437,050
06831 (Greenwich, CT)................$295,350
90210 (Beverly Hills, CA..............$188,560
10024 (New York, NY).................$184,370
10028 (New York, NY).................$182,350

I don't know why the press is so surprised that Lieberman is facing a tough primary challenge. He's backed a President that's wildly unpopular in the state of Connecticut, not only been a strong supporter of a war that also unpopular among his constituents, but went so far as to question the patriotism of people questioning the President's handling of that war. He's staked out positions far to the right of most of the Democrats in Connecticut on issues from Social Security to Women's Rights.

And we're surprised that Democracy is working?

The Right Wing and their media lackeys want us to believe that we should vote for people who are firm in their beliefs, regardless of whether we agree with them? They want us to just be grateful that we have a Democrat to represent us (at least until they can gerrymander that problem out of existence) and forget that we have the ability to choose leaders that share our values?

Seriously, we're supposed to be overwhelmed by Joe's strength to support unpopular policies and say "wow, he's so strong, I'll vote for him even though he's trying to do the exact opposite of what I want?"

The fact that Lieberman is so self-centered and self-important to set up a run as an independent should he lose the primary is a much better 'non-ideological reason' to NOT vote for Joe than his 'strength' is to vote for him.

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