National Pessimism

The Political Wire reports on a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll:

"Among the six-in-10 Americans who say country is 'on the wrong track,' most see 'long-term decline.' More than two-thirds of those over 50 aren'’t confident life will improve for 'our children'’s generation'; 62% of those under 35 agree. Americans are especially gloomy about the environment, health care, public morals and housing costs; nearly eight in 10 expect college to become less affordable. By 47%-24%, Americans fear the quality of jobs in the U.S. will get worse."
In many ways, I'm one of those 6 in 10 that see long term decline. And I'm generally a 'glass half full' person. At the same time, the poll is a little misleading because of the nature of 'wrong direction' polls.

You can have two people, one Christianist Right-Wing Nut Job and the other a strong Progressiveve, both think that the nation is going in the wrong direction at the same time.

One sees the gay-baiting in politics and the creeping Conservatism as evils dragging the country down. The other sees a creeping 'homosexual agenda' and an inflow of non-Norther European immigrants as forces destroying America. Both agree that the country is 'headed in the wrong direction' but completely disagree about why, how, or what's causing it.

Look at the list of things Americans are 'gloomy' about' the environment, health care, public morals and housing costs. The first two, the environment and health care, are largely Progressive concerns. Public Morals is certainly a Social Conservative concern. Rising housing costs is equal opportunity - Corporate Conservatives are scared of a bubble or decline causing problems for the economy. While Progressives aren't looking for an economic slowdown either, they're equally, if not more concerned, about housing markets literally leaving many parts of society too poor to own their own home.

Despite the bi-partisan nature of the dissatisfaction in America, it should be good news for Democrats/Liberals/Progressives come November...

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Heraldblog said...

Environment is fast becoming an evangelical concern, too.