Great Role-Model, Mr. Boehner

Majority Leader John Boehner managed to combine two things I loathe today - Republican Politics and Ohio State Football. From a memo he sent out Saturday Morning:

To: House Republican Members

From: Majority Leader Boehner

Date: July 29, 2006

Re: Making August Matter

Legendary Ohio State University football coach Woody Hayes is famous for describing his approach to offense as "three yards and a cloud of dust." His football teams won consistently by grinding it out, running the ball, gaining a few yards at a time, and ultimately putting the points on the board needed to win the game.

Maybe it's my just Buckeye bias talking, but I think it's a pretty fair analogy for the way in which House Republicans have gone about our work in recent months. We've worked hard to tackle the issues the American people care about...
I'd Say Woody Hayes is a pretty good match for the GOP.

'Three yards and a cloud of dust' along with 'run, run, pass, punt' used to define the Big 10. Of course, just like the 'Leave it to Beaver' '50s, the real world doesn't work that way anymore. Either way, the money quote from the memo is this:
too many American families continue to feel anxiety about the high cost of living. Our economic engine is firing on all cylinders, but too many American families are still feeling the pinch of rising health care costs, high gas prices, steep college tuition rates, and uncertainty about their retirement savings.

International threats are also contributing to the anxiety American families feel. Terrorists are waging a global war against freedom and free people. We've taken the fight to them in Iraq and Afghanistan...

Our mission in August is to engage our constituents in a dialogue [lie to them] about their hopes and anxieties and our majority's efforts to address them...
After I scraped off some of the Republican B.S. it became pretty obvious. They've realized that the American people aren't buying 'God, Guns, and Gays' anymore. The GOP is scared. Expect the lies to start flowing like government subsidies to Oil Companies.

That or John Boehner is going to punch a kid.

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