Good News*

RawStory reports that a Georgia Paper, the Augusta Chronicle, has dropped Ann Coulter's column.

A Friday article from its editorial staff claimed that its editorial page "stand[s] for civility," and noted two reasons to part ways with Coulter. First, it saw "stridency" in her declaration that 9/11 widows were "witches." Second, it worried that "Coulter herself had become the issue, rather than the topics she was writing about, which is an unhealthy circumstance for a journalist, even a columnist."

The decision comes two weeks after The Gazette of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, chose to abandon Coulter's column as well, and while the Shreveport Times of Louisiana is reported to be mulling the same move.
Wondering about the asterisk? Well, there's bad news too. The paper will replace Coulter's column with Michelle Malkin's. The irony of booting Coulter over 'civility' and replacing it with a column by "Death Threats to Students" Malkin is mind numbing...

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