When will the Republicans Jump the Shark?

Apologies for the sporadic posting. My life outside of blogging has been busy. It will continue to be busy up until the beginning of July, at which point I will be going on vacation, sans laptop. Thought you might want to know.

But back to the subject at hand.

Think Progress
reports (and has video) of Republican James Inhofe, Senator from Oklahoma, making an ass out of himself during the 'debate' about gay marriage:

INHOFE: As you see here, and I think this is maybe the most important prop we'll have during the entire debate, my wife and I have been married 47 years. We have 20 kids and grandkids. I'’m really proud to say that in the recorded history of our family, we've never had a divorce or any kind of homosexual relationship.
Ok, we get it. Your a man. Your penis works. And you don't really like gays. And you're hoping that it will keep getting you elected.

But let's get real here. This guy's just spouting bigotry on the floor of the Senate. What if JImmy Inhofe boasted about not having any African American blood in 'the recorded history of our family?'

Any time you can't substitute 'black' for 'gay' in your sentence, you're being bigoted. "I wouldn't mind black people so much if they didn't rub their blackness in our faces."

At what point do people see all this gay-baiting for what it is?

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