Weekend Recap - part I

Rush "if people are violating the law by doing drugs, they ought to be accused and they ought to be convicted and they ought to be sent up" Limbaugh looks like an idiot, again. Via the AP:

The Palm Beach County, Florida, sheriff's Office says Rush Limbaugh has been arrested on prescription fraud charges.

Limbaugh turned himself in to authorities on a warrant issued by the state attorney's office, said agency spokesperson Teri Barbera.

The conservative radio commentator came into the jail about 4 p.m with his attorney, Roy Black, and was released an hour later on $3,000 bail.

The warrant was for fraud to conceal information to obtain prescription. Barbera said.
Rush's hypocrisy on drug use is pretty much common knowledge by now. So what are the chances that Right Wing Wind Bag in Chief will actually, you know "get sent up?" Well, according to the Star-Tribune, not good.
Rush Limbaugh and prosecutors in the long-running painkiller fraud case against him have reached a deal calling for the only charge against the conservative commentator to be dropped if he continues treatment, his attorney said Friday.
At least he'll have to pay the State of Florida $30,000 to cover the costs of the investigation. It's the least he could do. He was given a deal that no normal person would have gotten. Most of the normal people, that actually have to play by the rules that these corrupt Republicans come up with, would already be in jail.

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