Truth Slips Out

Chris Matthews on Hardball yesterday, via Crooks & Liars:

Matthews: So what diverted us to Iraq?

Batiste: Good question. I don't know, and that's...

Matthews: How come nobody seems to know who this crime...this, this mistake was committed. How come everybody -- and maybe it'll look like a crime at some point because we were chasing bin Laden, we still haven't caught him, the President said at 9/11 "We're going to catch the guys that knocked down these buildings," but we have lost that pursuit. The top people in al-Qaeda are out there somewhere in Pakistan and yet we're stuck in Iraq with a course that had nothing to do with the people who attacked us on 9/11, right?

Batiste: Chris, that's the $24,000 question and I turn to the Congressional oversight committees, the other branch of government who is charged with getting to these answers.

-Emphasis Mine
Video here.

You better be careful, Chris, somebody might think you're some kind of pinko-commie America Hater undermining the President by asking questions that support the terrorists.

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