Slow Monday

Perhaps it was my exhausting weekend, but I just can't find anything that compells me to blog. I guess I'm waiting for the xenophobia fest that will be the President's speech to the nation tonight.

Georgie 29 will be telling 'Mericans that he wants to put the national guard along the border with Mexico to 'combat illegal immigration.' No doubt '9/11 changed everything' and 'War on Terrah' will be trotted out and used over and over again. Probably some 'hate us for our freedoms' too. There will be plenty of people out there trying to spin his bumbling idiocy into something heroic. My guess, however, is that nobody will hear them.

Bush is speaking during prime time sweeps week. The people will tune in, watch him speak, then immediatly tune into whichever season finale they prefer. Unlike States of the Union, there will be very few people (at least very few people who's minds aren't already made up) watching the post-speech coverage.

This can't be good for the President. He's not exactly a silver tounged speaker with the ability to change an audience's position with 'flowery grandiloquence.' Heh-heh.

The policy itself opens Bush to criticism as well. You're going to use the National Guard to keep illegal immigrants out? Aren't they busy fighting in Iraq? Will a stint at 'the fence' be used for R&R between stints in 'the desert?'

At some point, people are going to realize that Immigration is a manufactured issue. Nobody was clammoring for immigration reform until the House GOoPers started writing a bill that is, at it's root, thinly vieled racism. Of course thinly vieled hate has worked for the Republicans before...

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