Political Games with DHS

From ABC News (pdf):

Clark Kent Ervin says he was confronted personally by then Secretary Tom Ridge “to intimidate me, to stare me down, to force me to back off, to not look into these areas that would be controversial, not to issue critical reports.”

Ervin will appear this evening on ABC News’ Nightline in advance of the publication of his memoirs, “Open Target: Where America is Vulnerable to Attack.”

Ervin says Ridge and his top aides saw him as “a traitor and a turncoat” because of a series of reports his office delivered to Congress detailing failures by the Department of Homeland Security.

Ervin says he believes another 9/ll hijack attack could be carried out. “I am quite confident that it could be done again,” he tells ABC News.
Saddly, what should be enough to bring down a government will be a largely ignored. Who wants to hear that the current administration covered up security problems to help them get elected?

Watch this disappear from the radar screen faster than you can say 'gas prices.'

Finder's fee to Rawstory.

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