No Love for Bilbray

John McCain, who'll let himself be photographed hugging the President after Bush's campaign called his wife crazy and will speak at an institution started and operated by a man who McCain himself called an 'Agent of intolerance,' will NOT be seen with Brian Bilbray, Republican Candidate for Randy 'Duke' Cunningham's newly vacated Senate seat.

From the AP:

U.S. Sen. John McCain on Tuesday canceled an appearance for a Republican congressional candidate who has attacked his opponent for supporting McCain's immigration bill.


Bilbray, a former congressman who worked as a lobbyist for an anti-immigration group, has repeatedly attacked [the Democratic Candidate, Francine} Busby for supporting the immigration bill passed last week in the Senate. McCain was a principal architect of the bill.

In an e-mail sent to the Bilbray campaign, McCain spokesman Craig Goldman acknowledged that McCain and Bilbray "disagree on some of the issues related to immigration reform."
Sounds like Bilbray's in a bit of trouble. CA-50 would be a great pick up...

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