May Day Boycott

The Washington Post reports on today's boycott:

Some local activists predicted that thousands of Washington area immigrants would participate in a national economic boycott today, but immigrant groups who have spoken out against the boycott said they fear that the immigration reform movement is being commandeered to promote political causes beyond immigration.

The public tug of war, which continued in the Washington area yesterday on Spanish-language radio, could result in more limited participation in the region than is expected in Dallas and Los Angeles, where the organizers of last month's massive protests have been more unified in support of today's boycott, which asks immigrants to refrain from buying goods and to stay home from work and school.
I'm not really in a position to judge how whether or not today's boycott is being noticed. The metro area has a large immigrant population but where I work doesn't exactly give me any insight into the goings on outside the office.

Hopefully this boycott will raise awareness of the value that recent immigrants have in our economy. I worry about a racially tinged backlash, but you can't let worries like that keep you from doing what's right, I guess.

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