Main Line Christians Wake Up

It seems the head of the United Methodist Board of Church and Society has called for the impeachment of President Bush, a Methodist. Via the American Spectator:

"Impeach President Bush!" urged Jim Winkler, head of the Capitol Hill-based United Methodist Board of Church and Society. Winkler was speaking earlier this spring here in town to an "Ecumenical Advocacy Days" rally for liberal religious activists, organized by the National Council of Churches, mainline denominations, several left-wing Catholic orders, and Jim Wallis's Sojourners group.

Winkler, ostensibly a spokesman for 8 million United Methodists, whose numbers include both Bush and Vice President Cheney, said impeachment is the correct response to an "illegal war of aggression" that was "sold on lies." He also cited the NSA's "spy program," which he insisted is "unconstitutional."

"These are actions far more serious than a failed land deal on the White River or a sexual indiscretion with a White House intern," Winkler said, comparing Bush to Clinton, whose impeachment was never urged by Winkler's agency. Had the Iraq war been led by John Kerry or Al Gore, Winkler surmised, the "Limbaughs and Gingriches of the world would be screaming for their impeachment."
About time somebody in the religious community pointed that out. A little bit about the United Methodist Board of Church and Society:
Energized by the radicalism of the 1960s, the church's new lobby office had little interest in temperance. Instead, the United Methodist Building became the headquarters of the Religious Left in the nation's capital. The Methodist lobby group, along with other liberal religious lobby agencies, pushes for an ever larger welfare and regulatory state, ultra-environmentalist causes, abortion rights, and opposition to a vigorous U.S. foreign and military policy.
How shockingly Christian. It's always amazed me that people who claim that Jesus is their personal savior (or favorite philosopher) support wars. After Peter attacked the Roman soldiers coming to capture and crucify Jesus, he healed the ear of the Roman Soldiers that was injured. All that 'Prince of Peace' stuff never really resonates with the 'wingers.

The article cited is hostile to Winkler's positions. That's good. "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win."

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