Joe Knows American Idol?

US News & World Reports has Joe Lieberman's campaign manager saying:

"Senator Lieberman has as good a chance of winning the MoveOn primary as he does being the next American Idol."
The concept of Joe Lieberman being grilled by the American Idol judges is fascinating. (It was a little pitchy to me.) The premise of the U.S. News article was that the Democratic base (we have one too, you know) is starting to abandon the Connecticut DINO.
Now running for a fourth term, the Connecticut senator has been an unwavering supporter of the Iraq war. He was famously kissed on the cheek by Bush after last year's State of the Union address. "Lieberman has spent the last six years undermining the Democratic Party every chance he gets," says Markos Moulitsas, founder of Daily Kos, a popular liberal blog. "He spends the weekend going on Fox News and Sean Hannity's show talking about how wrong the Democrats are."

Moulitsas recently appeared in the first TV ad aired by Lieberman's primary opponent, the antiwar Ned Lamont, and he has posted a link for Lamont donors at Daily Kos, generating $50,000 for the candidate. "We're not accepting money from lobbyists, so we need to be creative with fundraising," says Tom Swan, Lamont's campaign manager. "The Netroots have been vital in that effort."
Not taking money from lobbyists is a scrupulous position that I'd like to see more candidates and politicians take up. Help Ned out by going to his website, NedLamont.com, and look around. If you like what you see, give some money in support of non-corporate government.

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