Goss got Booted

Via US News & World Reports:

Intelligence insiders say that former CIA Director Porter Goss was given less than a day to pack his bags by new White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten, who is moving swiftly to put a new and more aggressive face on the administration.

Despite Monday's praise by President Bush for Goss, with whom he held an exit ceremony last Friday at the White House, the insiders say that the decision to dump Goss came hard and fast. One says that Goss revealed to his senior staff on Friday that Bolten had called him last Thursday night to ask if he had "thought through an exit strategy."

On Friday morning, Bolten made a second call to demand Goss's resignation that day, which he gave.
The last thing this administration needs is to be 'more agressive.' This is looking more and more like a power grab by Negroponte. Actually, it always looked like a power grab by Negroponte but the veneer of legitimancy is falling off.

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