GOP in Trouble? Blame Clinton!

The Senate Majority Leader, Bill Frist, had this to say about the high gas prices on the Today Show:

"“It'’s a matter supply and demand. Right now we would have increase supply if [drilling in the wildlife refuge] had not been vetoed by President Clinton."” [video]
Ignoring some of those pesky facts (ANWR has only enough oil for 12 months of U.S. Consumption and peak production would only be 1-2% U.S. Total) let's examine thargumentent.

The actions of the last President, over half a decade ago, is the cause of price jumps - not George W. Bush's threats of sanctions (or war) against one of the world's top three oil producers. A veto by Bill Clinton is the onlyreason drilling hasn't started in ANWR, not the fact that there wasn't enough votes in a Republican controlled Congressto send a similar bill to Republican President George W. Bush anytime in the ensuing five years.

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