Bush Turned America into Enron

The Political Wire has an interesting excerpt from the new book by Bruce Bartlett, former Reagan White House aide.

"Enron borrowed heavily, paid little in taxes, and made big profits in ways that were known to be contrary to sound business practices. But for a while, its system seemed to work, until its basic unsoundness caused it to collapse. I see this as a metaphor for Bush's policies because they are also based on a huge increase in debt, tax cuts, and an unsound increase in federal financial commitments at a time when such commitments should be been scaled back, rather than increased."
The book is Imposter: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy.

Bartlett, who was involved in the planning of Bush's 2001 tax cuts, makes a very useful point. Because he makes it from the right, it's all the more powerful. This is a meme that people will understand. It's one we should run with.

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