Alarmist Much?

Yep, that's right. Not only do we need to worry about Tom Hanks destroying our nation's relationship with God, we're facing an economic meltdown due to a movie by Al Gore. Not 'Tax-cut and Spend' President Bush's skyrocketing deficits. Not the president's wars and saber rattling - and corresponding jumps in oil prices. Not the Republican in control of all three branches of government. It's all Al Gore's fault.

Damned internets.

Over the weekend, FoxNews host David Asman asked his guests, "If people buy into [Al Gore'’s] global warming hysteria, will it put him in the White House and our economy on the skids?"”

Steve Forbes answer: "It will ice the economy. And after all, some people do believe the DiVinci Code, so some will believe the DiGore Code. [Laughter] But the fact of the matter is, the policies that result from it would hurt the economy, would create unemployment. It'’s a real recipe for more socialist regulation."

Finders Fee to Think Progress.

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