The AG's Story

Alberto Gonzales admitted to Wolf Blitzer that his grandparents might have been illegal aliens. Movie.

BLITZER: Give us your — tell our viewers who aren’t familiar your personal story, how you got to where you are, your grandparents, your parents. They struggled, they came here. I don’t know if they came here legally or illegally. But give us the story.

GONZALES: Well, three of my grandparents were born in Mexico. They came to Texas. My parents — both my parents were born in Texas extremely poor. My mother…

BLITZER: When they came to Texas, were they legally documented, were they un-legally documented?

GONZALES: You know what? It’s unclear. It’s unclear.

And I’ve looked at this issue, I’ve talked to my parents about it and it’s just not clear.

But in any event, my mother had a 2nd grade education — my father had a 2nd grade education, my mother had a 6th grade education. And my father worked construction.

And so, for me, my life has — represents the American dream.
With these guys, the hypocrisy makes your head spin. And how soulless does somebody have to be to be the Attorney General for the President of a Party that is actively trying to keep Latinos out (legal or illegal) when you are only two generations removed from illegal Latino immigrants?

This isn't the AG fairly enforcing the laws as they exist. If it was, I could accept that. I'd be proud of a public servant that could put the law above his own emotions. But it's not that. This is the AG being a part of an effort to use immigration as a wedge issue to win elections. This is being a cog in a machine that uses racism to get votes. This is about crafting NEW laws that are designed specifically to keep certian populations from becoming citizens of the United States.

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