Why Does Tom Delay Hate Democracy?

Via the Political Wire:

A "high-level Republican operative" tells Ankle Biting Pundits that Rep. Tom DeLay's resignation was planned even before his recent Texas primary victory.

"DeLay deliberately waited until after the primary had run its course to drop out of the race for Congress. The reason being: so that party higher-ups could decide who the GOP nominee would be, not the Republican primary voters. You see, now that the GOP nominee slot will be vacant, Texas Republican honchos can handpick the new and improved nominee -- in the proverbial smoky backroom, no doubt."
Seriously, we sent American Soldiers to fight and die in Iraq so the people there could chose their leaders. Mr. Delay, in fact, voted to send them there. But when it comes to the people of his OWN FUCKING DISTRICT he figures he and his buddies know better than the voters.

When can we start saying the Republican Party doesn't want a democracy? Does somebody have to be crowned Emperor first?

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