What IS the Matter with Kansas?

The AP reports that a petition with over 7000 signatures has been submitted to Sedgwick County calling for a Grand Jury to investigate the death of a mentally disabled woman following an abortion.

This sort of glorified 'mob with pitchforks' justice is sanctioned by a 1970 Kansas law.

On Friday, abortion opponents plan to present Sedgwick County with a petition signed by nearly 7,000 local residents asking a grand jury to look at the circumstances surrounding the death of Christin Gilbert, a 19-year-old woman from Keller, Texas, whose family brought her to [Dr. George] Tiller'’s clinic in Wichita for an abortion in January 2005.

Abortion foes want to see Tiller charged with such offenses as involuntary manslaughter, mistreatment of a dependent adult, and failure to report abuse of a child. They contend the woman did not have the mental capacity to consent to either the sex or the abortion.
Last year the equivalent of Kansas' Medical Board cleared Tiller of any wrong doing.

The anti-choice mob has decided that it didn't like the facts, so they're finding ways to persecute Tiller. And believe me, they've tried to run this guy out of Kansas.
Tiller has been the target of protests for years. His clinic was bombed in 1985, and he was shot by a protester in 1993.
What excuse are they using to go after this guy after he was already cleared?
Anti-abortion groups questioned whether the investigation was thorough because Gov. Kathleen Sebelius appointed many of the board's members and has received campaign contributions from Tiller and other abortion rights supporters.
Funny, that reasoning doesn't work with Oil Companies, Diebold, or Mining interests, does it?

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GrannyGrump said...

So your support for abortionists' freedom allows no exceptions, not even for the life of the mother.

At least you're perfectly clear on who legalization is meant to protect. It's not to protect women from death, but to protect abortionists from prison.