Saudi Arabia wants GIs to Stay

From Reuters:

RIYADH, April 10 (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia should try to avert Iraq's fragmentation by lobbying against any premature withdrawal of U.S. forces and by pressing Iran to stop meddling, a report by a security adviser to the Saudi government says.

"A civil war may well be inevitable. Such a development would have the gravest implications for the entire region, especially Saudi Arabia, which shares its longest international borders with Iraq," Nawaf Obaid said in his report on how Saudi Arabia should respond to the situation in Iraq.

The report, released by the U.S.-based Center for Strategic and International Studies, was based on dozens of interviews with military and intelligence officials in the region, and numerous conversations with Iranian officials, Obaid said.
So I guess the Saudis support the troops. Not that they do it out of Patriotism. They're afraid of Iran. Not wanting Iran to become the only regional power, the Saudi's will turn to their good friends in Washington for protection.

Not that I really have a problem with any of that. When Saddam invaded Kuwait, Saudi Arabia felt threatened and turned to the United States and the United Nations for protection. Coalitions were formed, Resolutions were passed, and the invading nation was thrown out and Kuwait liberated. But when we're going to have to protect an ally from instablity that we caused it really bothers me...

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