More Polls from my Home State

A Quinnipiac poll shows that Bob Casey Jr. leads Rick Santorum by double digits - 48% to 37%. This is a slight increase for Santorum, but still a commanding lead for the challenger.

Interestingly, "Only 23 percent of Pennsylvania voters know that Casey is pro-life, while 8 percent think he is pro-choice and 69 percent don't know Casey's position on abortion."

If Casey wins, Pennsylvania will be represented in the Senate by a pro-choice Republican and an anti-choice Democrat.

Casey's abortion stance causes some problems with the Democratic Base. I can understand that. I agree, in most ways, with that. That said, I would rather have a anti-choice Dem in the senate than a pro-choice Republican. Having watched Specter cave to his party on the only vote he had to defend the right to choice, I would much rather have a vote for Harry Reid as majority leader.

America's Senate rewards 51 seats with 80% of the power. If we were able to set the rules, we wouldn't have to worry about these things, they wouldn't ever come to a vote.

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