For what is bound to become a HUGE campaign issue in 2008, I've largely ignored immigration in favor of other matters. As usual, the Right is just to busy being ignorant bigots to let me concentrate on one thing for more than a little while.

Dan Savage is encouraging his listeners to burn Mexican Flags in the Street.

John McCain warns, "the Hispanic community risks a backlash if it become unruly or too many Hispanic flags - and not enough American flags - are at these protests."

Michelle Malkin is convinced that Mexicans are trying to reconquor the South West. Seriously.
All this over demonstrations in California where Mexican flags were displayed prominently. Lou Dobbs seems to think that no flag other than the U.S. Flag should be flown on American Soil. The underlying racism of the anti-immigrant efforts of those on the right is pretty evident. (They're not talking about a fence along the Canadian border.) They're yelling about the Mexican Flag because they know they can't complain about "lots of brown people in the streets." Either way, the right will love this photo:

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Shakespeare's Sister said...

You mean Michael Savage. Michael Savage is raving conservative luntic guy. Dan Savage is supercool gay advice columnist guy. ;-)