Gas Prices ARE Bush's Fault

Really. They are.

The Price of oil isn't rising because there isn't enough to go around. (At least not yet.) The current production of oil is just slightly higher than world demand. And because finding oil, extracting oil, and increasing the refining capabilities needed to produce a usable product are all long processes, there is very little 'room' in the current petroleum industry for any sort of interruption in any of the major producers. Even the minor ones.

What sorts of 'interruptions' you ask? Well, a US war (or strike) against Iran, for one. Since Iran is responsible for 9% of world oil production, any sort of embargo or destruction of production equipment would be disastrous.

The oil futures markets are what's driving up prices - because George Bush and the NeoCons are talking tough to Iran even though the Iranian Nuclear program is years away from a bomb.

Bush's rhetoric is directly responsible for the price you're paying at the pump. And all the posturing he wants to do means nothing. The fact that nothing he's suggested would cut into Oil Company profits should have been your first clue.

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