Europe is Dying (Literally) From Atheism

Well, if You believe Rick Santorum, that is. During a Friday speech to the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference, Pennsylvania's soon to be ex-Senator delivered this line:

I, believe it or not, believe faith is incredibly strong in America. If you look at the rest of the world and the struggles they are having, particularly in Western Europe, who just completely abandoned faith, completely have gone to a secular society...Its cultures are dying. People are dying, they're being overrun from overseas, and they have no response. They have nothing to fight for. They have nothing to live for."
Video here.

He goes on to say that "more people go to church on Sunday in America than go to all the sporting events in America held during the year combined." Whether he means all Sundays combined or just one Sunday, I'm not really sure. I'm sure he isn't either. Wingnuts aren't known for having the facts to back up their claims. Even if he did, church has the advantage of being held year round, regardless of weather, and being free. (Market forces be damned!) No word if this includes children's little league games and pee wee soccer or only Pro Sports.

Anyway, nobody in Santorum's base should really notice this. Most have never been to Europe to be able to evaluate his claims. Most wouldn't want to go even if you gave them free tickets. They don't speak English over there, you know. And English was good enough for Jesus, so there's no need to learn any other language, right?

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Vile Blasphemer said...

Santorum is a freak job.