Delay won't be Running Again

I cannot possibly offer any sort of commentary that hasn't been offered elsewhere, but I'll try. The Washington Post (and probably every other major newspaper too) is running a story on Tom Delay's announcement that he will drop out of the race for his House seat.

Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Tex.), a primary architect of the Republican majority who became one of the most powerful and feared leaders in Washington, told House allies last night that he will give up his seat rather than face a reelection fight that appears increasingly unwinnable.

The decision came three days after Tony C. Rudy, his former deputy chief of staff, pleaded guilty to conspiracy and corruption charges, telling federal prosecutors of a criminal enterprise being run out of DeLay's leadership offices. Rudy's plea agreement did not implicate DeLay in any illegal activities, but by placing the influence-buying efforts of disgraced Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff directly in DeLay's operation, the former aide may have made an already difficult reelection bid all but out of reach.
Ok, we've heard the facts, I wonder what Republicanism incarnate has to say about the reasons for his stepping down.
"This had become a referendum on me," he told Time in an article posted on the magazine's Web site last night.
Right Tom, it's called voting and it's an integral part of the Democratic process. I know you're not really that familiar with it, but you have a staff, have someone look it up for you. Every reelection campaign is a referendum!
"I'm a realist."
No you're not, you're an ideologue. You still haven't come up with a good lie for the reasons you bothered to compete in the primaries if you were just going to cut and run.
Former aides and sources close to DeLay said his decision was motivated not by Rudy's guilty plea but by DeLay's concerns that he might lose his suburban Houston seat to his Democratic opponent, former representative Nick Lampson, and his belief that another Republican could win instead.
Ahh... That's it. You were afraid of losing. You can always count on nameless Republican staffers that weren't invited to the Christmas party to spill the dirt when it counts. Now all we need to hear is the whinny screed against liberals and Atheists, blaming them for all of your problems along with the countries. From Time:
Asked if he had done anything illegal or immoral in public office, DeLay replied curtly, "No." Asked if he'd done anything immoral, he said with a laugh, "We're all sinners." Asked what he would do differently, he said, "Nothing."
What, no diatribe on the liberal media out to get you? No denunciation of shadowy 'groups' out to weaken America? No tirade against hippies and commies forcing an honest American from serving his country? They must really have some good shit on you. Say goodbye to the people, Tom, before it comes out.

For an added treat, go see Pam for the Freeper reaction.

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