Bush vs. Trees

Via the Washington Post:

HELENA, Mont. -- A federal judge struck down regulations that limited the public's ability to challenge U.S. Forest Service decisions on timber sales and other projects.

The judge issued an injunction Monday against a2 rule that required people to specify objections to Forest Service projects while they are under consideration, or forfeit the right to challenge them later. The injunction applies nationwide.

The judge also struck down a rule that exempted some Forest Service projects from requirements for environmental analyses, and another rule that allowed the government to bypass public involvement in national forest management by having the agriculture secretary or undersecretary sign decisions on agency projects.

U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy of Missoula agreed with federal court decisions in California that invalidated those two rules earlier. He said Congress wants the public to have wide rights to appeal Forest Service decisions.
The 'Sportsmen for Bush' stickers so prevelent in my hometown always struck me as short-sighted. Yeah, the NRA hates Democrats, but if you're really a sportsmen, you'd appreciate things like clean water so you can safely eat the fish you catch without fear of mercury poisoning. And having forests that haven't been clear cut is helpful when it comes to hunting deer.

People are starting to figure this out. Too late, as usual.

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