We Treat the Iraqis like 14 Year Olds

Iraq is discussed at length in our media. Rightly so. But the vast majority of all that comentary, analysis, reporting, and explaining comes from people with names like 'Smith' and 'Jones' and 'Miller.' We're treating the people of Iraq like a teenager that everybody talks around when discussing his or her college plans.

"Does anybody care what I think!?!"

Today UPI has a story up on Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr's views on whether Iraq is currently in a civil war:

Sadr said Iraq was now in a state of civil war, but he said he would order his Mahdi army militia not to respond, the Journal of Turkish Weekly reported Monday.

The bombings destroyed street markets in the slum district of Sadr City which is a stronghold of Sadr supporters, JTW said.

Sadr said U.S.-led forces were responsible for letting the attacks happen but the government should maintain security.

"Sunnis and Shias (Shiites) are not responsible for such acts, national unity is required," he told reporters at his headquarters in Najaf.

Iraq has been experiencing a surge in sectarian violence since a bomb attack on an important Shiite shrine in Samarra last month.

Sadr also criticised Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld who had said last week that Iraqi troops, not U.S. forces, would intervene if civil war broke out in Iraq, JTW said.

"May God damn you," Sadr said of Rumsfeld. "You said in the past that civil war would break out if you were to withdraw, and now you say that in case of civil war you won't interfere."
Why are American Soldiers dying in Iraq if it's not to prevent civil war? Seriously. If they're not there to provide security for a National Unity Government, why?

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