Sometimes, they just write themselves.

The Independent is running a story with this headline:

Afghan Christian convert may escape conviction due to 'insanity'

The not at all funny situation of a man facing death for the religion he chooses does allow for some easily written jabs at our Christianist and Dominionist friends here in the United States. I won't indulge myself...

The trial of a man facing the death penalty for converting to Christianity might be dropped on the grounds of his "mental instability", officials have said, as Afghanistan provoked international criticism over the case.

Abdul Rahman, 41, faced an initial hearing in the country's primary courts last week, charged with apostasy. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty under Islamic Sharia law.

However, a spokesman for Afghanistan's Supreme Court, Wakil Omar, told journalists yesterday: "As far as I've noticed and been told, he might have a mental problem. If he is proved mentally ill, then he wouldn't be tried."
My understanding is that the Afghan government is desperately trying to find a way to not try this guy. According to their laws, which he is pretty clearly in breach of, he should be put to death. This is not the image the new government (or it's American backers) want. How good would it look for Bush to spend billions liberating Afghanistan from the Taliban to have the new government turn around and execute a man for being a Christian?
"He doesn't speak like normal people," Zalmai, the chief prosecutor in the case, who uses only one name, told The Independent. "We are delaying the next hearing for him to be examined by doctors to establish his sanity."
Christianists and Dominionists don't speak like normal people here either. Maybe it's all the home schooling...

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