The New McCarthyism

Attywood is running a post on Chris Matthew's putrid musings while a guest on the Michael Smerconish show in Philly.

"You know, one-sided, to some extent liberal propaganda. Because you know there Communists -I'&m sorry - there were Communists in the government... I could go through the whole list - Elizabeth Bentley, Harry Dexter White, and of course Alger Hiss - there's a whole gaggle of them.

And the biggest nonsense of this sort of revisionist history is that there wasn't a Communist threat and that McCarthy was just a drunken fool. Well, he may have been a drunk - he certainly was - and he may have been unable to shoot straight, but there were lots of targets there. He just didn't hit any."
I wasn't alive for the McCarthy Era. Hell, even my parents missed the McCarthy Era. That said, I have a rudimentary understanding of American History. I know that Joe McCarthy was not the American Herotm that blowhards like Matthews and Coulter try to make him out to be. You can judge a lot about a 'movement' by the people it chooses to be itsheroess, the people that a 'movement' defends. If your 'movement' is trying totell mee that Joe McCarthy was a guy we should revere, I'm not going to be part of your movement...

Speaking of Chris Matthews, it turns out his idea that a gay, libreral person is burning down churches in Alabama is patently false. Birmingham Blues has it in more detail, but it seems two men are Birmingham-Southern College students. Birmingham-Southern is affiliated with the United Methodist Church. All 9 of the churches burned were Baptist churches. Sectarian Strife hits America...

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Kathy said...

Thanks for the link! It looks like the motive for the fires was amusement for college boys with too much free time and too little respect for others. I doubt they'll find prison funny.

And I'm not holding my breath for Chris Matthews to retract his speculations.