Negroponte: This Could Get REALLY Bad

Via The AP, we learn that National Intelligence Director John Negroponte thinks that a full scale civil war (as opposed to the low grade civil war now being waged) could lead to a larger conflict enveloping the entire Middle East in a war dividing along sectarian lines.

"If chaos were to descend upon Iraq or the forces of democracy were to be defeated in that country ... this would have implications for the rest of the Middle East region and, indeed, the world,"
That sounds bad. A civil war could be a "serious setback." Bush Told us in his State of the Union Speech that "we are winning." Negroponte doesn't seem to be so convinced. "And if we continue to make that kind of progress, yes, we can win in Iraq," said a hedging Negroponte.

I'm not entirely sure that we have the ability "To make that kind of progress."

So the end result of King George's great March into the Desert could be a large scale destabilization of the region holding the largest petroleum reserves just as China and India begin to stretch their muscles?

Heck of a job, Dubya.

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