My Hometown Paper

It seems that Donald Rumsfeld spent today within about 3 miles of the house I grew up in. The Carlisle Sentinel, my hometown newspaper (although I always read the Harrisburg Patriot) covers his speech at the Carlisle Army War College under the headline, "Rumsfeld: We're losing battle of ideas."

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld covered no new ground in a speech Monday as he thanked students at the Army War College in Carlisle for their service to America.

Rumsfeld acknowledged that a large percentage of the War College class have led troops in Afghanistan or Iraq.

"Those of you who served there will look back in 20 or 30 years with pride at what you and yur families have sacrificed for your country," he said.

A student from Jordan, one of 40 International Fellows who are members of the 2006 War College class, said Rumsfeld has talked in his speeches about having patience with the effort in Iraq. He asked if there was a limit to how long coalition troops will be in Iraq and "a limit to the amount of time you're willing to give Iraqis to stand up."

Troop withdrawal "depends on conditions on the ground," Rumsfeld responded. "I think progress that Iraqi forces are making is excellent."
Doesn't sound much like "we're losing" does it? Well, that's par for the course for the Carlisle Sentinel. Their favorite subject (at least while I was still there) was railing against the evils of the Teachers Union.

Paragraph 34 mentioned 'about 100' protesters. One Hundred protesters is a lot for Carlisle. Even the mention of "D or D+" didn't come until the 12th paragraph.

The frightening thing is that these newspapers are the print equivalent of FoxNews but because they have very limited circulation, nobody notices...

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