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Via Media Matters: The March 5 edition of Fox News' Fox News Live:

JARRETT: They're the best movies of the year, allegedly. Most of us, though, haven't seen them. Films dealing with homosexuality; homicide bombings; political assassinations -- the list goes on and on. Hollywood, going with a lot darker themes this year, and they're courting some controversy.
So Homosexuality is a 'dark' theme now?

From BobGeiger.com we learn just how compasionate conservatives really are. From the Mouth of Trent Lott on the Senate Floor:
“What is it we are not going to give people for free? Is there any limit? Is there any limit to the amount of money?” asked Lott, adding snidely “I thought we were having global warming.”
And Trent Lott is FROM MISSISSIPPI! I guess he's just Mississippians at income levels lower than his...

From Informed Comment:
Gary Hart points out to Knight Ridder that if Iraq did erupt into a civil war with blood in the streets and close alleyway fighting, US troops could get caught in the crossfire. "We could lose our army," he said. That is a dark vision-- "A Thousand Mogadishus Now."
Always check with Professor Cole for the latest on what's going on in Iraq.

The Financial Times is running a piece on a report Amnesty International released today.
"Approximately 14,000 prisoners were being held without charge in breach of international law, the organisation said, while others had been released "without explanation or apology or reparation after months of detention, victims of a system that is arbitrary and a recipe for abuse." Emphasis mine.
The title of the report? "Beyond Abu Ghraib: Detention and Torture in Iraq." I remember when Amnesty International was on our side...

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune has the latest on favorite Florida Republican Candidate.
Already trying to avoid the media, Longboat Key Republican Katherine Harris is now canceling campaign stops in Southwest Florida as questions swirl about her ties to a Washington, D.C., defense contractor at the center of an ongoing national bribery scandal.

Harris, who is running for the U.S. Senate, abruptly canceled a stop in Charlotte County on Saturday, and four other events planned for Lee and Collier counties were removed from her campaign Web site.
Sounds like she's having fun...

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