Healing Iraq

I've added Healing Iraq to the blogroll. Zeyad, the blogger, is a dentist in Bagdad, educated in Britian. His Bio:

My name is Zeyad. I was born from Sunni Muslim parents in Baghdad, Iraq 1979. Shortly afterwards, my parents left for the UK to pursue their Masters studies. I was raised in Colchester, Essex and also lived in both London and Bournemouth. We returned to Iraq in 1987. I was privileged to study at the Baghdad College high school which was originally built by American Jesuits in 1931, and is still considered the best public school in Iraq to this day. I originally intended to major in computer engineering, but my parents wanted me to study medicine. I settled on dentistry. I graduated from the Dentistry College at Baghdad University, and I'm presently in the fourth year of my postgraduate residency period, after which I plan to study for a M.Sc. degree in the UK, US, or Canada if I have a chance to do so.
He is living what we're blogging about, at least in regards to the War in Iraq. He posts photos that never make it anywhere near the media outlets here in America. His commentary is certainly outside the Main Stream Media's focus.

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