Have Republicans Always Been THIS Crazy?

Or was it that before the internet, I'd have no idea what some bat-shit loony Wingnut said in Indiana? Tony Zirkle, bat-shit loony Wingnut running for the House of Representatives in Indian, has some seriously whacked out ideas. Via the South Bend Tribune:

"If I am elected to Congress, I will introduce a declaration of war against human traffickers, porn-pimps and child rapists," Zirkle said in a campaign release. "We must put fear back into the criminals who are preying on our children."

The first stage of the battle, as proposed by Zirkle, calls for suspension of the constitutional protections of property rights for "porn-pimps."

"Every adultery (sic) book store will be immediately seized and the property will be forfeited to the taxpayers without any process of law other than a hearing within 10 days of seizure to give the porn-pimps the opportunity (to) challenge the sufficiency of prostitution evidence."

Stage 2, Zirkle said, would involve "actual arrests" for those who did not learn from Stage 1. Stage 3, if necessary, calls for "super speedy public trials with severe punishment that is swiftly carried out after a rapid appeal."

Which leads to Stage 4. "If this stage is necessary, then I am willing to debate the idea of returning the guillotine and lynch mob for those who prey on children under the age of 12; however, no capital punishment will be extended without at least four witnesses."
Four whitnesses? Why, he must be a humanitarian. It's friday, you can draw your own conclusions about the state of Republican Ruled America.

Enjoy your weekend.

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TheFuriousGourmet said...

Love your Zirkle coverage!
Check out the republican, Stephen Laffey, running for Senate against Lincoln Chaffee in RI.
Aliens talk to him.