Gay Man Denied CPR, Dies

Yup, that's right. And no doubt there'll be a 'religious freedom' defense. Seems touching a homosexual 'violates his beliefs' and is therefore forgiven by our homo-bigoted society for letting a young man lay on the ground and die.

From the AP, via SFGate.com:

A small-town police chief was accused in a federal lawsuit Thursday of stopping a would-be rescuer from performing CPR on a gay heart attack victim because he assumed the ailing man had HIV and posed a health risk.

Claude Green, 43, died June 21 after being stricken yards from City Hall in Welch [West Virginia], a community of about 2,400.

The American Civil Liberties Union sued on behalf of his mother.
Watch for this to be the next 'front' in the culture wars. Denying basic emergency services to homosexuals. And wait until a guy (it never seems to happen to lesbians) who isn't gay dies because he actually knew how to match his shoes and belt...

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