Democracy in the Middle East

Was this the vision that Bush had in mind when he started his push to bring the "God given right" of democracy to the Middle East? My guess is no. (It's only a guess, God doesn't speak to me. At least he doesn't tell me to invade countries.) Via the AP:

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Hamas formally took power Wednesday, with the Palestinian president swearing in a 24-member Cabinet that includes 14 ministers who served time in Israeli prisons.

The ceremony, which came just a day after
Israel's national election, ended a two-month transition period of ambiguity since Hamas' election victory in January.

With a Hamas government installed, the lines of confrontation with Israel were clearly drawn. Hamas insists it will not soften its violent ideology toward the Jewish state.
In the mean time, Ehud Olmert's Kadima Party started forming a government after winning 28 seats in the election. Less than the 35 expected, but enough to lead the nation towards pulling out of the West Bank by 2010.

I'm far from an expert on Israeli politics but I'll tell you one thing: Things are gonna happen.

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