Support the Troops!

Because, Mr. Bush, they don't support you.

A Zogby poll has 72% of American Troops supporting a withdrawl from Iraq. 42% say that the U.S. role in Iraq "is hazy."

Different branches had quite different sentiments on the question, the poll shows. While 89% of reserves and 82% of those in the National Guard said the U.S. should leave Iraq within a year, 58% of Marines think so. Seven in ten of those in the regular Army thought the U.S. should leave Iraq in the next year. Moreover, about three-quarters of those in National Guard and Reserve units favor withdrawal within six months, just 15% of Marines felt that way. About half of those in the regular Army favored withdrawal from Iraq in the next six months.
One in three said that the Department of Defense had failed to supply needed equipment, such as body armor.

Ninety-three percent said that removing weapons of mass destruction is not a reason for U.S. troops being there.

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