Republicans are miffed

Found some interesting stuff at Pam's. Right-Wing Loonies (that spent so much time saying Judge Alito would approach every case without preconceived ideological agenda) are furious at Justice Alito for actually considering the merits of a case and agreeing to hear argument. It seems the highly qualified Wing-Nuts already knew what the outcome should have been...

Actual quotes from Free Republic

"Those of us who supported this guy did so because we trusted his judgment."

"The question seems not to be a review of the scum's conviction, but whether death by lethal injection is, "Cruel and unusual punishment." Alito has definitely thought this issue out before. I hope his decision on this matter is not portending another death penalty bleeding heart---let alone another Souter or Kennedy."

"I hope you are right or we'll be wiping egg off our faces for the next 25 years......."

"Exactly. There may be nothing wrong here, but it sure raises some questions. If the libs have managed to get another stealth leftist on the Supreme Court right under our very noses, it'll be one of the most stunning political defeats ever. I'll wait and see before jumping to conclusions, but I'm concerned."

"I'm not going to jump to conclusions over this, but I will have to say, IF ANYONE HERE IS CONCERNED ABOUT LETHAL INJECTION BEING CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT (and that includes Alito unfortunately) FOR A RAPIST KILLER OF A YOUNG GIRL OR ANY RAPIST KILLER FOR THAT MATTER THEN YOU'RE ALL SCREWED UP." (they love to yell -ed.)

They seem a bit jumpy. I mean, this guy hasn't even ruled on anything, he just voted (in a 6-3 majority) to hear argument.

The freepers seem ready to read a lot into this, but I'm not. I still think that the guy is a right-winger with an ideological agenda. That said, during the State of the Union, there was a short clip of Alito looking around the chamber with a look of wonder and inquisitiveness on his face. It was a little boyish and it made me think that there might be about a .001% chance this guy isn't going to be that bad. Anybody who can express wonder and not entitlement at a SOTU has a least something going for him. He looked curious, something that no other Republican manages, ever. He was interested in the world around him.

It was just a look of wonder at his surroundings - not entitlement or pride - that made me think this could just be a (conservative) guy that sees himself as lucky to be elevated to the highest court.

You know what? I'm probably nuts. Or at least optimistic to a fault.

Paul Krugman has a great reaction to the State of the Union in his NYTimes column, reproduced here without the Times Select Cost involved.

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