The Republican Base:

Daily evidence that Pat Robertson is a stark-raving-mad-man:
"The fact is that our immigration policies are now so skewed to the Middle East and away from Europe that we have introduced these people into our midst and undoubtedly there are terrorist cells all over them."
--Pat Robertson, The 700 Club, February 21, 2002

How'd Dr. Rev. Lowery's comments play in Freeperland? Some quotes:

Lowery : Blah Blah blah bash bash bash bull bull bull Dubya : What a maroon. Laura : Please let me kick his ass. Please OK - give it your best

"I would like another roll with dinner please."

"Two classy people sitting behind a pile of trash."

Colonel Sanders has been palling around with George Hamilton.

Lowery: And yesim, we's be black and we's be proud. We's for the gubmit but not Bush's gubmit. Bush's gubmit is against us black peoples...

Dubya: "Hey Laura, listen closely here, I had Rove slip some political stuff into his speech so that the Dims end up "Wellstoning" themselves again..."

"They're running this funeral like a PLANTATION!!! And you KNOW what I'm talkin' about!!!"

"Psst...Laura, you sure that ain't Looter Guy?"

Watch for the swift-boating of not just Dr. Rev. Lowrerybut the entire Civil Rights Movement and all African-American leaders who don't toe the line.

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