Persecuted Christian Complex

The USA Today has a story that would be hilarious if it wasn't chilling.

Cory Burnell of Lodi, California is the founder of Christian Exodus an organization whose stated goal is to move thousands of religious conservatives from all across the USA to South Carolina. Why? To be free of the influence of liberals and cowardly Republicans, of course!

The state was a logical choice. It already is conservative, having played a major role in the rise of the Republican Party since Ronald Reagan. And it's home to 750,000 Southern Baptists and Bob Jones University, a fundamentalist Christian institution.

Burnell's plan is to recruit conservative Christians to move here and tip the scales further right.

With a decisive majority, Burnell says, his group would be able to pass laws that line up with their biblical principles and their interpretation of the U.S. Constitution - laws that include outlawing abortion and homosexual relations, allowing governmental displays of Christian symbols and ending state-funded education.
Yeah, yeah, same old shit. But it's the quote the writer uses to finish the piece that's the most telling.
"We're not an extremist group," he [Brunell] said. "What we are doing is reacting to the extreme marginalization of Christianity in America."
Perfect example of Persecuted Christian Complex (PCP).

Christians make up 86% of American Citizens (from the Census Bureau) and every president in history has been a Christian. The current president is a Christian. The Congress is nearly entirely Christian. The Supreme Court is entirely made up of people who are Christians, two openly so. "In God We Trust" is on our money. We are "One Nation, Under God." Both Houses of Congress open with a prayer. So do all the state assemblies. I grew up in a state where you couldn't buy booze on Sunday. Churches are tax exempt. Christian ideology is finding its way into science classes. Women are losing their right to choose what happens to their own bodies. Gays are forbidden to have even the benefits of marriage in many states based on 'Christian' teachings. Pharmacists can refuse to fill valid and legal prescriptions because of their 'Christian' beliefs.

You're not persecuted, you're FUCKING WINNING! Eighty six percent isn't good enough for you?

I wish I understood the root of this 'persecution mentality.' Actually, I don't. I just wish it would go away.

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