Fair and Balanced, Dick.

How's Dick Cheney feeling? Shit! How's the guy he shot? FoxNews displays its typical bias... ThinkProgress has the transcript:

CAVUTO: This is a Fox News alert. The lawyer accidentally hit by Vice President Dick Cheney suffering a mild heart attack this morning. Doctors say he's doing just fine and could be released in a week. Meanwhile, the White House press corps again beating a dead horse as it tries to find out why they were not told right away about the Vice President's hunting accident. Not one person bothering to ask, in the meantime, how Dick Cheney's feeling about all this. After all, he's a human being and injuring someone else in an accident can take a huge toll. With us now someone who knows the Vice President pretty well. Ron Christie is a former Cheney advisor and author of Black in the White House. Good to have you back my friend.

For all the joking that's gone on in the last few days, I'm beginning to feel that Jon Stewart was right. This isn't really funny anymore. Whittington had a heart attack because of birdshot lodged in his heart. Obviously this isn't about a guy who got peppered by birdshot at a distance. This guy's been in the ICU since the shooting and will probably remain there for at least another week. The guy's almost 80!

RawStory has a bit about a reference to beers served at a pre-hunt picnic, now mysteriously gone from an MSNBC News website.... From Think Progress: It's back. Reporter "misled by VP office."

UPDATE: 2.15.06 4:50pm
It seems that after four days, VP Dick Cheney has finally been guilted into saying he's sorry. Not live, mind you, but in a taped interview with Fox News flunky Brit Hume. This precaution was taken in case Cheney's Emotanator 2000 emotional replication chip failed to operate as expected...

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