Bush Approval at 40%

The Wall Street Journal has this to say about George Bush's falling approval numbers:

Any benefit President Bush may have gained from his State of the Union speech didn't last long enough to be measured in the latest poll, as Mr. Bush's ratings are now 40% positive, down from a positive rating of 43% in January, and 58% negative, up from 56% negative.

That's pretty harsh coming from the reliably right-wing Journal. The Harris Interactive poll has Congress' approval number remaining essentially unchanged - 25% of U.S. adults giving Congress a positive rating and 71% giving it a negative rating. 32% say "things in the country are going in the right direction," and the top concern of Americans is "the war," now at 27%, closely followed by health care (20%), the economy (15%), Iraq (5%), taxes (6%) and education (8%).

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