A disclaimer

The past two entries here could be construed as anti-religion. They're not. Or at least they're not anti-All Religion. I was raised in the Methodist Church. I have seen faith do wonders for people's lives. I have a profound respect for people who can live their lives by the ideals of any faith. I do not and will not mock, slight, or ridicule people for believing.

That said, I do not and will not accept somebody else's religion affecting the way I live my life. In many ways, religion dovetails with my own ethics and world view. For example, killing other people is bad. Stealing (and to some degree lying) also fall into that category. Others sit somewhere near the edges. Coveting your neighbor's wife is probably going to lead to problems. Adultery (being the end result of coveting your neighbor's wife) is tricky. I think it comes down to understanding. If both partners form an understanding of monogamy and one partner breaks it, the ethical problem lies in the betrayal. If a husband and wife have an understanding that they're in an open relationship, it's a different story. I digress.

Having only touched on a few of the commandments (which differ for each of the three Abrahamic religions) I've left many other Christian teachings out. Again, some work, some don't. The idea of a responsibility to help the poor and the disadvantaged is one that I think is paramount. Stoning people for being gay is one I think should be left in the past with prohibitions on cotton/poly blend socks.

The purpose of this diary was not to critique Christianity or any other religion. It was merely to state that I resent other people adjusting my life to fit with their religious beliefs. And to point out that Christians are not the persecuted population they imagine themselves to be. (Atheists are barred, by law, from holding office in a number of Southern states. That's a persecuted minority.) Basically, I'm tired of people trying to legislate morality, which, of course, is code for Christian Law.

I'm tired of seeing politicians spout Christian rhetoric to get elected. I'm tired of seeing public figures make spectacles of their religion to gain support (something that is expressly forbidden in Matthew 6) and divide people.

If God keeps hanging out with politicians, it's gonna hurt his reputation.

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