10 days

This whole blogging thing is a lot more work when you don't have an internet connection at home. Because I'm still living in the vacum tube age in my basement apartment, I'm limited to sneaking quick posts when I have a chance at work. I even feel a bit guilty about it at times. Not so much that I don't, mind you... Worst of all, the ancient laptop that I have doesn't have a CD-R drive so I can't even write at home and bring it in to work for a quick cut and paste job. The even older desktop that I have isn't currently set up so even though I took it apart and added a re-write drive in 2001, it isn't usable.

My brother is planning a trip to Chile in the next couple of weeks. As soon as he's done with his semester at college (and I mean as soon as - he's rushing out of his chior performance right to the airport) he's flying to Lima, Peru to meet a friend that's been studying in Chile for the semester. The two of them will be taking another flight and a bus to get to Chile. They'll spend 10 days bumming around Chile, staying in hostels, spend some time in some cities and also some time in 'the back country.' I'm insanely jealous.

I spent 5 months studying in Rome and then wandering around Europe in 2004. It was, without a doubt, the best experience in my life. I've always enjoyed travel. Even if I'm just driving somewhere. I miss it. I miss the movement and the possibility of the unexpected. In college, I used to drive up to New York for gallery openings our out to Carnegie Mellon for lectures. We'd go for the day. Leave around 5:00 am and finally get back about 24 hours later. I guess I think of life as a collection of experiences so the more varied experiences I can collect, the better.

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